So you have booked your photoshoot and now the clock is ticking as you wait for your time to step in front of the camera. During this time, it’s important that you take care of a few things so that you are absolutely ready to crush your session.

Tip #1

Drink plenty of water and detox. Water? Yes water! Drinking plenty of water one to two weeks out from your shoot will help to flush your body and almost help to hydrate your skin (the makeup artist and camera will love you). We also suggest that you detox. Detoxing is a great way to help you get the toxins and sludge out of your body and will help you to maintain or control and issues in the waistline area. If you can start a detox a month out from your shoot, that would be even better. We have some incredible recommendations for that.

Tip #2

Get plenty of sleep! Rest is important in general but specifically when it comes to your photoshoot. You will possibly be on your feet an moving around so you will need your energy. But the biggest reason happens to be your eyes. When you are sleep deprived or just tired, your eyes will be a tell tell sign. Getting plenty of sleep helps to also keep those little bags that pop up at the worse time, under control.

Tip #3

Wardrobe Selection. In our experience, every client typically purchases something for their wardrobe whether it be their entire wardrobe or just a few pieces or accessories. Do this ahead of time, take the time to plan out your looks. Pinterest is a great tool for this as you can just search for different looks. If you were to ask us what to avoid, our answer would be patterns, and stripes as they usually don’t photograph well.

Tip #4

Watch your foods. If you have a tendency to break out with certain foods, make sure you avoid them at least two weeks out from your shoot. Food breakouts can cause skin irritations and breakouts which can make you uncomfortable in front of the camera and/or add to your fees for additional post production.

Tip #5

Keep the stress levels down! Hey, life happens and we get it but your face is one of the places that stress will show up first. This is actually the first time we have given this tip but try to make sure to avoid confrontational situations a couple of days before your shoot and ESPECIALLY on your way to your photoshoot. Keep your mind on positive things and listen to your favorite music.

Tip #6

Allot for travel time. Never try to time your arrival to your shoot so that you make it just in time. Always account for extra packing time to make sure you have everything and also account for travel time and possible unfavorable traffic conditions. Not doing these things can actually lead to the stress levels that we talked about with Tip #5


Some of these tips may seem small, but we have found that by following these top 6 tips, your are sure have a much more enjoyable experience in front of the camera.